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Team Data Spaces

Teaming up for Data Spaces in Europe

Team Data Spaces commits support to the EU’s plan to create European data spaces that realise the full potential of data sharing in the respect of European values.

Data spaces: the best paradigm for data sharing

The European strategy for data aims at creating a single market for data that will ensure Europe’s global competitiveness and data sovereignty. Common European data spaces will ensure that more data becomes available for use in the economy and society, while keeping companies and individuals who generate the data in control.

Today’s lack of a harmonised approach to establishing federated data spaces — and a still fragmented legal landscape — is a challenge of coordination and scaling rather than technology. Adequate technology and process knowledge already exist to set up the first generation of data spaces that will give users control over their data and interoperate across sectors. However, focussed team work is required to address the spectrum of challenges that still do exist regarding next-generation data spaces.

Our joint goal is to make data spaces happen and realise their full potential in the respect of European values – and we are committed to continuing and increasing our efforts in reaching this goal.

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Call to action

Team Data Spaces promotes a call to action that can realise the full potential of data spaces across four dimensions of support:

  • Establish a community of practice for data spaces to consolidate and built upon the significant experience that already exists.
  • Begin to drive adoption of the ‘soft infrastructure’ that will underpin data spaces by unifying technical building blocks and architectures, data governance models and data standardisation.
  • Establish a common roadmap for the development and adoption of a pan-European data space.
  • Co-develop a forward-looking approach to create consistent and fair legal and ethical frameworks that navigate the existing regulatory landscape and upcoming legislative agenda.

About Team Data Spaces

Team Data Spaces brings together leading European players with experience in creating and operationalising data sharing from European associations, industry, and research organizations with a common vision to facilitate the development of European data spaces : Big Data Value Association (BDVA), Capgemini Invent, FIWARE Foundation, Fraunhofer ISST, Gaia-X, International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), INNOPAY, Insight, KULeuven , MyData Global, Sitra, TNO, and VTT.

For any request you can contact antoine.garnier[a] or any partner of the Team below.